giovedì, novembre 03, 2011


Version 1.7 is out. #jQuery


Dark Patterns

Cool article on A List Apart: Thanks to HM for pointing it out.

martedì, ottobre 11, 2011


JavaScript filling in the gaps that CSS (currently) can’t accomplish.


mercoledì, ottobre 05, 2011

Adobe Touch Apps

I may finally need to buy a tablet.

giovedì, settembre 29, 2011


Great Site

mercoledì, settembre 28, 2011

AddThis Horizontal Share Bar

I like the new “horizontal share bar” in AddThis Labs. Coolio.


lunedì, settembre 26, 2011


MSF was commenting recently that this service is good.

“CloudShare is a cloud computing company that makes it easy to build, manage and share any business application on-demand, in the cloud. CloudShare provides remote access to virtual machines - all you need is a web browser.”


venerdì, settembre 23, 2011

Flash Extension: Visual Size Report

Could be useful? “Visual Size Report is an extension for Adobe® Flash® Professional that allows for easier size optimization of SWF files.”